Oct 102005

A while ago I was pointed at Noise Ninja which is a great program for reducing picture noise. While investigating, I found a few other options, but no open source options. Looking at it again today I found that there are a few plugins for The GIMP in the works: most notably Dcam Noise 2, but also ISO noise reduction. I wonder what’s keeping the open source world away on this, but I’m glad to see someone’s working on it at least. At the moment I’m just adding a bit of blur to my images using GIMPShop and *shriek* iPhoto 5

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4 comments on “Open source noise reduction

  1. Michael Nottebrock on said:

    The Cimg-based “Image Restauration” in Krita (from KOffice) is what I’ve been using for denoising so far. It’s pretty good, just godawful slow. :)

  2. niklas on said:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve been using the Gnome desktop mainly so I don’t know KDE to well, but it’s installing as we speak. :-) I’m looking forward to trying it out

  3. Donncha O Caoimh on said:

    I use DCAM noise a lot. It works quite well, although sometimes images can look washed out and lack detail.
    I find selective blur works rather well too, just give it a small “max delta” to reduce the amount of blurring.
    I came across Cstoration too and manged to get it working, but there are so many options, and it’s so slow that I rarely use it.
    Finally, if noise really is an issue then I sometimes chance my arm, and convert an image to black and white. That works wonders, because noise can add to a b/w image!
    Thanks for pointing out ISO noise reduction, I hadn’t come across that!

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