I just saw PicoJet’s flash-based ad (via The Digital Photography Weblog). PicaJet is software for organizing my photos, not much unlike iPhoto. I’m really fond of iPhoto, except that it’s too slow and that labelling and organizing pictures still takes too long. I miss RAW-support and search-functionality like imgSeek. I love the Gallery plugin, despite rotation bugs. I’m currently sticking with iPhoto 2 as I figure it’s been so long since the release of iPhoto 4 that a new version is bound to be due soon. But as with all other photo-organizing software I’ve seen, PicaJet & iPhoto have a problem with DVDs.

With my recent purchase of my Canon EOS 20D, the amount of pictures I take has risen sharply. And the file size of my favourite format has risen for each picture from ~400k to ~6m. Within three weeks I’d taken 4Gb of pictures, nicely fitted on one DVD. But, that’s making my pictures unavailable. I need to have a thumb-nail in my archive (say about 640x480 would be nice) that informs me what DVD I’ve put it on so I can find it back. I’ve got a 15cm stack of photo DVDs and the occational photo CD. I need this to become available. How have you guys solved this?

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