Mar 282011

As you might have noticed, I’m trying out different kinds of content on my blog lately. It’s all stuff I love doing, just interesting trying out new stuff. Next up on “new ideas” is “easter ales 2011″, where I thought I’d introduce this years crop of easter ale available in Danish supermarkets.

First up is Påskeæg, økologisk påskebryg by Thisted bryghus. It’s much like a traditional pils, so if you like a classic pils you’ll love this beer. It’s slightly sweet from the malte, but the hop taste is prominently bitter.

A bit too light for my preference in easter ales, but not a bad start on this short series. I’m usually a big fan of Thisted Bryghus, so I think I’ll stick with some of their other beers.

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Mar 242011

Whoops, I seem to have killed my themes, plugins and uploads dir when upgrading… not good. So there might be some dead links that should have had content around. For that I apologize. I’ll do my best to restore them, but should you discover anything missing while surfing around on my blog, do tell.

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Sep 262010

Today I’ve done what I should have done (and in part did) a long time ago, get my blog up again, retire other blogs, integrate those posts here and modernize this blog. I did update WordPress a while back, adding a new design, but this time I’ve actually completed the look and made it, well, less fancy. It’s the content, not the design, and until I get someone to actually make a working design, a slightly customized standard-design will do well for me.

My blog had been offline for a while due to a bad combination: server formatting (I changed from running ESXi with FreeBSD on top to just FreeBSD) and laziness. ;-) I’m integrating my photoblog and early music blog, and ~10 years of blogging plus two blog integrations made for an awful lot of dead links. But the weather is awful today, so I’m in the process of fixing them up too.

Anyway, my plan is that a fresh look, having the old content up-to-date and letting it be the hub of what I do online, I’ll actually get around to write interesting stuff again, something I’ve not done on a regular basis for a while. Having it the way I want it should help for motivation. :-) So, new improved blog… let’s see what comes :-)

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Sep 102007

The picture, promised in the last podcast (yes, it’s been too long, but we’ve got material brewing :-) ) is finally here, found on a CD in a big pile of CDs with images

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Mar 102006

A short little update: now you can use the submit story/recording/photo buttons in the righthand sidebar to submit the material you’d like included on the blog. :-) No need to register and create the blog entries yourself anymore.

Sorry about the long delay before writing. I am in the middle of moving to a new apartment and spend my days building and painting walls. But, Mogens’ harpsichord is well in place, Craig has sent me one of his Carmichael’s Modern Baroque Recorder that I’ll be trying out as soon as I’ve finished moving. Also, we have some music in store for you to listen to and some pictures coming up. So stay tuned.

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Jan 292006

Hi, I’m a new co-author to this blog and early music is quite new to me although i have played it all my life. I am mostly puzzled, stupiefied and amazed by the things possible (and impossible) in early music and i hope my startlement will only increase as more early music reveals itself before my anxious eyes and fingers.

I’m actually an organist that recently threw my energy on the harpsichord. I now play many kinds of music with many different people. I’m happy to discover that many techniques used on the organ can be used on the harpsichord too (and many cannot – still happy, and learning). I hope you will find your time to comment and discuss my following post on these and many other matters concerning early music.

Happy blogging

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Jan 272006

Hi, I thought I’d give you a heads-up on what’s happening with the blog. It’s now almost one month ago that the blog officially came up on and we’ve added a number of features. We’ve now got the most recent scores from the Werner Icking Music Archive linked in the sidebar, a number of blogs linked up and their resent posts linked and made bookmarking on different bookmarking services up and running. Not to mention a little set of entries and a couple of design changes.

So what are the goals for the next month? Getting active co-authors and improving the blog further, and finding more blogs to link up. So please post your early music blog link as a comment here and I’ll add it quickly. If you’d like to become an author, send me an email. There are already a handful of co-authors that are gearing up to submit their first article. Stay tuned for yet an interesting month! :-)

Jan 122006

Funny thing, I’ve found two other blogs called The Early Music Blog [1] and [2]. [1] is Italian and hasn’t been updated since september and [2] is a republished version of Goldberg Magazine. These two and other blogs I found or are emailed to me will be put in a feed and new updates from these blogs will be posted in the right-hand sidebar so that you can always have easy access to updated early music blogs (hopefully with original names, though, or we’ll have to come up with some kind of numbering system ;-) )

Dec 312005

2005 has been quite a good year for blogging. This blog has been its regular mess of different stuff that intrests me, but it has spawned some interesting projects. My photoblog, for instance, got a kick start with my photoblog entries that I used to have in this blog. Also, as I started teaching, my work related posts turned into a blog with lecture notes that my students could visit to get all the material I had to offer them. And quite recently the early music section, with quite a bit of help from some friends, is made into the early music blog. The server and familly blog that I set up for my father has been mostly left untouched, but all in all I’m quite content with the stuff that is being served. I’m a bit surprised by how little comments come in as my feeds have a steady amount of subscribers. Many people actually send me emails rather than leave comments, so it’s not that I don’t get feedback, but you don’t get to read it. ;-) Oh well, I’m sure I’ll understand more of why this is in the following year.

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Dec 222005

Welcome to the Early Music Blog. This project was started by Niklas Saers after discussing it with a couple of friends and will hopefully be a place where people interested in early music will post their thoughts and stories and link up other early music blogs. I hope that you will find this site interesting and participate throught commenting and posting your thoughts and ideas.

If you’d like to write for Early Music Blog, please register and I’ll be sure to give you writing priveleges

Jan 302005

According to An Open Shutter, his most searched for word is toes. Funny thing. So far my top search word is 47th street photo. The more nerdy words score good as well. What search words bring in people with you? And how do you bring people to your site and keep them coming back? I stick with my photos and hope someone will bother with my ramblings as well. ;-)

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Oct 222004

Right, I’ve ended up adding a Photoblog category to my blog. I’m sure someone will hold the definition against me and scream some bad language in my face, but hey, this works for me.

The four options as I saw it was keep using Gallery as a Photoblog, install a separate blog for Photoblogging, tweak my WordPress template or make a WordPress plugin for Photoblog posts. The first two could be “integrated” through building a little script that would take the different RSS feeds and make them into one. The last one would probably be the nicest as all about the post would go into the post text in the database. Only problem is: my PHP server doesn’t support exif and as I’ve just moved my server I couldn’t really be bothered to redo the PHP installation right now.

So I went for option three: tweak my template. This consisted of checking when a post was from the Photoblog category and then present it like I want my photoblog entries presented, which for now is with SOME exif-data (my Canon EOS 20D gives by far too much uninteresting data, so I took only out what I thought to be interesting enough to share. If you want the rest, grab the picture and extract them yourself :-) ).

graphics/exiftags from FreeBSD’s ports collection was installed, index.php and archive.php got a little extra with:

< ?php if(the_category_ID(false)==13) { include "photoblog.php"; } else { ?>

and photoblog.php was basically:

$src=strpos($content, “src”);
$start=strpos($content, “”", $src);
$end=strpos($content, “”", $start+1);
$src=substr($content, $start+1, $end-$start-1);
$src=str_replace(“.sized”, “”, $src);
echo $content;

$sha1 = sha1($src);
$cache = ABSPATH . “wp-content/cache/”.$sha1;
if(file_exists($cache)) { echo “<pre>”; include($cache); echo “</pre>”; }
else {
exec(“/usr/bin/fetch -q -o /tmp/”.$sha1.” $src”);
exec(“/usr/local/bin/exiftags < /tmp/".$sha1." > $cache.tmp”);
exec(“/bin/rm /tmp/”.$sha1);
exec(“/usr/bin/grep Created $cache.tmp >> $cache”);
exec(“/usr/bin/grep Exposure $cache.tmp | /usr/bin/grep -v Mode >> $cache”);
exec(“/usr/bin/grep ISO $cache.tmp >> $cache”);
exec(“/usr/bin/grep Focal $cache.tmp >> $cache”);
exec(“/usr/bin/grep Lens $cache.tmp >> $cache”);
exec(“/bin/rm $cache.tmp”);
echo “<pre>”; include($cache); echo “</pre>”;

I’ll add some presentation later for the more minimalistic approach. But right now, I think it looks quite good. Of course, an option five: auto-blog my entries to Gallery’s Photoblog gallery would’ve been even better, but for now this is all right.

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Oct 142004

Blogs can be used to promote democracy. A topic can be discussed and people can leave their comments. But a plugin can be made to allow WordPress to be used for debates. This is where two or more parties discuss an issue. People should be able to leave their comments that then are a pool of “questions from the audience” that the participants are requested to answer. I think this is one of the really intersting public discussion tools that for now only are in the mainstream media and not in blogs (yet).

Do feel free to use my idea for making such a plugin or similar. I would appreciate a link back to this post, though. :)

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