May 312010

Frustrated about having Faces in iPhoto and not in Lightroom? Frustrated that it’s then in Aperture, but not Lightroom 3 beta 1 and 2? Frustrated about not hearing about it being a priority in Lightroom at all? And still addicted to Lightroom? Yupp, me too. But this night, for reasons not related to this post, I thought, hey, perhaps Picasa can help out? What I found is too good to be true, so it’s probably going to have all kinds of weird side-effects. But for now it seems to be great! You see, Picasa doesn’t move the files out of place, and it works with XMP (which Aperture does not, even though it claims to). And of course, I save all changes in an XMP sidecar. This great article simply states that all face detection will be written back as metadata in the file, and even updated into the XMP, so that I can just read it back into Lightroom! That sounds fantastic! So right now I’m scanning my entire library and look forward to a lot of tagging! :-)

May 292010

I’ve had a problem forever that when iTunes closes, it forgets the password to the iTunes store, and it forgets the password to my Audible account. I’ve Googled it once or twice but couldn’t find the answer, and since I hardly ever close iTunes except for boots, and since Quicksilver is so fast to open 1Password to retrieve my passwords, it’s only been a minor annoyance. But today I wanted it fixed, and Audible has actually provided a few solutions. The last one worked for me, I moved the /Library/Preferences/ out of place, relaunched iTunes, entered the password, closed and reopened iTunes again, and it still works. Super! :-) The new and old files differ not in size, but the key is different and the old file had some flags set on the file.

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May 282010

A Mini Server (two disks, no superdrive) became redundant in our setup, so I used it to test a few things. At the same time I needed Visual Studio, so I dedicated one of the drives to Windows 7. After installing it with bootcamp, the mini would reboot as Windows, but if I pressed option and selected OS X, and rebooted after having used OS X, I’d get a “no OS” flash and the mini would reboot, find no OS, reboot again and loop. If you ever get this problem, the fix is easy: Press the option key and select boot into OS X, then go to System Preferences, Startup disk, select your OS X disk, and press restart. It’ll now behave correctly and reboot into OS X at startup.

May 262010

I’ve been having some issues using the

- (NSManagedObjectModel *)managedObjectModel
function. First it didn't load well, but Marcus Zarra helped me out there on Stack Overflow. The funny thing was of course that up until now, it'd worked great on the phone but not the simulator. That solved, it stopped working on my phone, but I was working so much in the simulator I didn't pay a lot of attention to it.
Anyway, today I wanted to have that figured out, and I came across this great post by Jeff Lamarche, and while it didn't explain to me why I had multiple versions on my phone but not my simulator, even after I had wiped the application and application data completely, it allowed me to load the correct model. So now everything is running smoothly and the app is coming along great.
If you've been having the same kinds of issues, I hope these links help you as much as they did me.